4Guys trusted name in car sales

american trucks lined up against 4Guys building

4Guys trusted name in car sales – MediaPA

Since 1998 4Guys Autobarn has been Hamilton’s trusted leader for providing quality vehicles in the region.

Following the amalgamation of 4Guys Autobarn and their subsidiary Autozone, 4Guys Autobarn’s new dealership makes Hamilton the home of one of New Zealand’s largest car sales yards. “We are proud to have one of the largest car sales yards in New Zealand, with such a diverse range of stock,” says Monte Wells, CEO of 4Guys Autobarn.

A continuous stock of Hatchbacks, Family Wagons, Station Wagons, Sedans, SUV’s, 4×4’s, Utes, Sports Cars and special American vehicles, means that there is something there for everyone.

With a yard capable of holding 400 quality vehicles, we have become New Zealand’s first Supermarket for cars…it means there is something to suit most budgets,” says Monte Wells.

“Our expert and friendly team have more than 20 years of trading in Hamilton under their belt. We always strive to provide a casual, hassle free environment with a focus on enthusiasm and empathy for our customers,” adds Monte.

4Guys Autobarn’s management boasts over 30 years experience in the automotive industry, specialising in sales management and importing vehicles. 4Guys Autobarn have a stellar and expert staff in their ranks that are committed to giving you the best advice and the right car every time.

4Guys Autobarn have been a staple of New Zealand’s car sales industry from the outset, growing from a 60 car dealership to one of New Zealand’s largest.

4Guys Autobarn are also New Zealand’s largest importer and stockist of special American vehicles. With specialised independent buyers in the USA, 4Guys Autobarn is committed to sourcing the best vehicles at the right price.

Special vehicles that are regularly stocked include late model Mustangs, Challengers, Chargers, Corvettes, Camaros, Vipers and Cadillacs, which are gaining an increasing presence of New Zealand roads. 4Guys Autobarn works closely with the New Zealand Transport Authority to manage the Left-Hand Drive Permit application process.

For a friendly and expert service and a range of top quality vehicles, you can’t beat the team at 4Guys Autobarn.

4Guys trusted name in car sales